is accepting payments by email money transfer.

How to complete email money transfer:

Every bank and credit union in Canada allows to send money by email money transfer.

Log in to your bank online, select "Transfer money" options, and choose "e-mail money transfer".

Send required payment amount to email address:, setting as password for us to receive your money as: "Santaletter".

We will receive notification from the bank, letting us know that money has been sent by you and is awaiting our acceptance. We will not see which bank you are using, nor any other details, except for your name and amount. On our side we will be able to deposit money you sent to our bank account, when we enter above mentioned password. That will complete your payment, and you will receive notification from your bank that we have accepted your payment. This transaction is completely secure and guaranteed by both your and our bank.

We cannot accept credit cards at this time.